Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things Are About to Get Real

This month's Sunday School topic is Marriage & Family.  Let me do that math for you on how this is going to go:

Mormon Spinster Sister + PhD student steeped in research methodology + a helluva lot of skewed data + being a Marriage and Family Therapist + an inability to paint a rosy picture of reality + chocolate cake for breakfast = a lot of opinionated energy ready to burst any fairy tale misconceptions about Mormon marriages and families.

I made a "Better than Sex" cake for the event, you can find the recipe here:  BETTER THAN SEX CAKE.

Let the shiz hitting the fan commence....stay tuned.


Dave said...

Return and report, Sister.

Andrew said...

We'll make sure Lori teaches the lessons.

Angenette said...

Sweet mama I'm buying a plane ticket. I don't want to miss that class.

Cheryl said...

Angenette - i had the same thought! and expanded upon - i would love a Joan Rivers "can we talk?" slumber party w/Carrie and other likewise open-minded "just keeping it real" women. oy vey - HEAVEN!