Thursday, April 4, 2013

Well That Went Well

So yesterday's post...let's all be honest.  When we read the comments all we heard was a big, loud:
I won't lie.  I was hesitant to post on Wheat and Tares because most everything I've read over there is dripping in controversy and disdain.   Here on Two Cats I like to ruffle some feathers, but my main objective is to infuse some humor into the serious (like teaching young women about chastity), the seriously depressing (forever a virgin), and the seriously awful (all things Relief Society).  But none of that came across in the collaborative post.  I'm a bit sad, I thought Male Gaze and I might have a future together...and we might...just not in Hostile-ville.

I feel much more comfortable over here in my own blog.  With my posse of rag-tag followers.  A place where Mormons and non-Mormons alike read,  laugh, and get a bit riled up over the stupid things a culture brings out in a person.  But the main purpose is to laugh.  Because honestly, it's the only thing that keeps me going.  Oh sure, I get mad, down right pissed with my unrighteous indignation, but deep down, I think it's all pretty funny.  Like the jacket post.  I was pissed.  I still feel pissed whenever I think about it, but at the same time it makes me giggle.  Giggle because it is absurd.  And if I've embraced anything about being a Mormon it's the absurd.  Because there is no end to it.  It's the one constant thing I can count on.

So no more links to W&T.  I'm sticking to my own little place where I am free to bitch and complain and make fun of whatever I want.

So...what topics are in the hopper?   "Baby showers and birth control" and a "10 year celebration of NOT dating Mormon guys"...stay tuned. 


KarKar said...

Ok. So apparently I am not playing the "at home version" and did not pick up on anything there!! However I most anxious to read the "no mormon man date in 10 years" post.


The Book Goddess said...

How about your take on the misconceptions of adulthood from what we were taught to expect as children/teens? Or maybe another look at jello salad with carrots, funeral potatoes and other famously mormon foods (I always have such fun thinking of those...)

Jamie Wayman said...

Love your blog! Keep going! I thought your team-blog went really well! You are super quick Carrie. You have a gift!
Love, Me

LDS Anarchist said...

Cheryl once asked me to contribute to the W&T blog, too, but I turned her down (for a variety of reasons.) But I wouldn't call your post a total loss. I think some fairly interesting conversations were generated (and are still going on over there), plus you likely have gotten new visitors to your blog as a result. (I never would have found this blog were it not for the W&T lint.) Come to think of it, maybe I should have taken Cheryl up on her offer...I would have gotten more exposure for my own blog..

Cheryl said...

well, i'm the Cheryl that asked Carrie to participate on the W&T blog after being sent there myself FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER and reading Male Gaze's post that i sent Carrie to go read. so, LDS ANARCHIST - i only saw your moniker for the first time on there in the comments section. Obviously, you're talking about a very different cheryl that sent you there than moi. :)

anyway, Carrie, i've been out of pocket for almost two weeks now and am just coming back to your blog to read your assessment of what went down over there. like you, i was pleased w/some of the comments (the ones that TOTALLY got your ironic/sarcastic wit - the best kind of wit/humor in my opinion) and thanks so much for obliging this old lady's request. :) SO SORRY, it did go to hell in a handbasket and some people can't just lighten up and not turn it into a complete soap box social cause.

Of course, like i said before, i'm not up on W&T and just went there on the first time curiosity send from Andrew S. but yeah - it's not really my cup of tea there either. thanks again to you and male gaze - i enjoyed you both there. Sorry it frustrated you and hope you're not mad at me for encouraging you to go there out of my own naive ignorance of how it would probably go down there. Hopefully, you and MG are becoming friends and he's now a new fan of your blog. I've encouraged a lot of people to come here - including my own adult kids.

XOX signed,

THE cheryl (but apparently NOT the one and only one in the mormon blog readership world.)

Cheryl said...

just to clarify :

Carrie is the ONLY person i've EVER encouraged to go to W&T and that was to read Male Gaze's blog post entry there. I, likewise, encouraged MG to come here and read Carrie's post. which he did and loved enough to agree to "spar" w/each other back on W&T's per my request.

I know neither one of them in person nor do they know me. I just simply like what i've read from both of them and instantly connected them together in my mind and voiced it to both of them that i think they would enjoy reading each other.

i would be more than happy to meet both of them irl tho if the opportunity ever presented itself. I also sincerely wish them both the best in this convoluted life journey we all share together in our separate and unique ways. My sincere best wishes to both y'all. :)

Carrie said...

Cheryl, You are awesome. Male Gaze is amazing. I never would have met him had you not pointed me in his direction. Amazing guy and a fast friend. THANK you for being uber cool and suggesting we collaborate. When he and I write the best seller, "How to Survive Being a Mormon Leper" we'll dedicate it to you! Thank you friend!

Male Gaze said...

Re Cheryl, yes, thank you so so much for sending me to Carrie's blog. I've really enjoyed getting to know her as we've collaborated.

Re Carrie, oh man, I'm blushing. You're really amazing too! I have every confidence that eventually we'll survive our "leper" status, and find our one true love. ;-) Group hug!! Looking forward to writing the book...

Re Wheat and Tares. W&T is tricky in part because of our heritage. I really love our authors and have a pretty good relationship with most of them. We've always struggled with our audience though, and it's kind of the price we pay for the decisions we've made. Humorous posts have never really gone over particularly well there. I had hoped our post might change things a bit since it's been awhile since anyone tried any humor, but alas it didn't work out like we'd hoped.

Cheryl said...

aw, you're so welcome and thanks to y'all for validating that my friendship "matchmaking" radar still works! have fun developing your friendship and yeah - don't include me out if anything amazing comes from it! :P

Personally, I don't trust anyone that can't enjoy a good heartfelt belly laugh when justified. just not my kind of people i'm comfortable around. My DH (aka Farm Boy STILL makes me laugh EVERY DAY for 40 years now!! ) thanks again to both y'all for entertaining me w/your thoughts and writings. I love them! XOX

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts desperately!!! I can only reread them so many times.