Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not the Promised Post about Boobs

I haven't forgotten about the post I said was coming "next"...but this is more important so read on.

I openly admit that I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to think of funny ways to complain about my life, but every now and then a different thought will squeeze its way in.  That happened the other day while I was lamenting the fact that I missed a bake sale in Utah.  Why would I lament a bake sale?  Because I'm a kick ass baker and I really could have used the ego boost with all of the compliments.  That's when inspiration struck...why let the Utahrds have all of the fun!

So I'm having my own bake sale to benefit Tyler's Ear Fund.

Yep, that's right an EAR fund.  You can admit it, that's the coolest cause ever! So meet Tyler:
He's a bit older now than in this picture but he's still just as adorable.  Tyler was born with Goldenhar Syndrome.  My sister was born with Goldenhar so I'm well aware of the the difficulties it can pose.  This little guy has already had several surgeries but the time has finally come for Tyler to get an  EAR!  Imagine how exciting THAT will be!!!

Now, how much does a new ear cost these days?  A LOT!  So that's why I'm selling cookies.  And not just any cookies, my highly sought after sugar cookies.  No lie, they are famazing:
Thick, sugary frosted LOVE.

Now here's the deal.  It's summer time, and I can't ship these beauties, they'd be a melted mess by the time they reached you.  So, actual cookie delivery can only happen in the Twin Cities area.  BUT, for all of you who aren't fortunate enough to live in the land of 10,000 lakes I have a deal for you.  You can buy cookies and then donate them to someone else.  I'm not sure who this "someone else" is but trust me, you'll make some lucky people very, very happy.  That means for a few bucks you can help Tyler get an ear AND contribute to the obesity problem in the US!

Shazam!  It doesn't get much better than that!

So, if you're interested in helping to BUY AN EAR keep reading...

The beach balls, daisies, butterflies, and stars are all $3.00 each OR you can buy a baker's dozen for $36.  The people cookies are $4.00 each and can be decorated however you want (although I reserve the right to refuse to decorate and donate a dozen nudist cookies to an old folks home...just sayin').

So, let's all do something good and help this cutie-pa-tootie get an EAR folks...coolest cause ever.

Message me if you'd like more information.

Up next:  the boob post


KarKar said...

OH my gosh!! My mom bought all if not everything there on Monday. She was actually late for a family party because she wanted to make sure she made the back sale!!

So awesome!! These look great!!!



Armelle said...

This is awesome, you have such a great heart! I had a look at Ty's Mom's blog, it's really inspiring.

Darren said...

Set up a Pay Pal account so people who can't message you can donate. I love the idea of making more Americans f... I mean helping a kid get an ear.

Actually, it makes me feel safer to know that when you folks do decide to invade Canada that 1) you'll have to stop periodically for sweat breaks, and 2) we can distract you with pastries.

Carrie said...

Invading Canada is close to the top of the US agenda for 2013, I'm fairly certain it's on Romney's campaign platform as well. Right after, "deport all illegal aliens from south of the border". Ok, I don't have a paypal account set up but Tyler's mom does. So go here and give, give, give: (the icon is located in the right hand column). And for the record, I frikin' hate bowling. It's just nasty...putting your finger in holes other people's fingers have been in...yuck, my mom taught me better.