Monday, April 16, 2012

We Didn't Invent The Wheel...

First, it has been brought to my attention, by my mother, that she did NOT hold hands with that boy as I stated in the previous post.  The true story is she was lying next to the boy while watching Journey To The Center Of The Earth.  And since the term "got laid" was used in the Bible, she just assumed breaking the 45 degree angle rule would immediately result in pregnancy.  My bad mom.  Thanks for clarifying.

Now, on to today's rant.  I've been mulling this one over for a couple of weeks.  And my irritation doesn't appear to be decreasing, but increasing.  Thus the topic passed the litmus test for blog material.

"So", you say, "what is bugging the hell out of Carrie this week?" 

Now I openly admit to having the same crush every other Mormon chick has on Elder Uchtdorf.  I mean who can resist the hair, the accent, and the pilot stories?  No one.  That's who.  So my irritation isn't with him.  It's with all the Mormon graphic designers out there who snapped up this one line from his conference talk and have been plastering it all over the internet.

People!  Elder U did not invent the wheel...neither did he invent this saying.  So why is it that it's been slapped on the bumpers of cars for YEARS but no one paid any attention to it until the uber attractive Elder U brought it up and stated it with his solid German accent?  I mean seriously?  This is not a new concept.  In fact, I think it's the same concept that Jesus was talking about when he said, "he who is without sin, cast the first stone".  Do we NEED to have kitschy little sayings hanging on our walls to remind us to not be religious ass holes?  Do we?  Because that is how I feel about this.

I was talking to a friend today who mentioned that her MIL was on the forgiveness wagon, "with everyone else", all because of Elder U's talk.  As soon as she said this I had the image of hundreds of Utah women, all done up to the hilt with their big hair and layered tank tops, baking cookies for all of their "non member" neighbors as a token of peace and friendship.   When the reality is, those same layered tanked women will still not let their children play with the neighbors because heaven forbid, they drink...or swear...or just wear plain tank tops (without the shade shirt...GASP).

I honestly think a religious culture has hit a new low when the concept of not being judgmental is a modern day revelation.  This should just be a given.  I'm embarrassed that it's not.  I'm embarrassed that Elder E had to use precious conference time to tell us to "Stop It".  To stop being offended, and insulted, and feeling like victims, and to stop judging, and hating, and being mean.

Seriously?  Do we need to go back to the tacky WWJD bracelets so we have a daily reminder to be nice to others?  Do we need to make it into a cute wall hanging?  Do we need it scrolled in vinyl all over the living room wall?  Do we need the prophet to say to us, "you may not smoke or drink or have sex out of wedlock, but you stuff your face with sugar and unhealthy foods and use your body as a garbage can"?  I mean, is one really worse than the other?  Does one earn you less points on the "sin scale"? 

The reality is we all need to just lighten up, chill out, and calm down.  It's so easy to get wound up in the details.  I know, I do it all of the time...which is why I'm medicated with an insanely high guilt complex.  It's not healthy on multiple levels.  So let's all pull down the tacky wall reminders and just be honest with ourselves.  We all suck, for different reasons.  Let's accept that and move on.

Editor's Note:  Yes, I realize that by writing about this I am being a total hypocrite...but let it be known that I am a hypocrite who acknowledges being a hypocrite.


Angenette said...

I laughed at shade shirt for a full 3 minutes.

Andrew said...

"I mean who can resist the hair, the accent, and the pilot stories? No one. That's who." Made me lol.

Due to the above poster's reaction, I wish I knew what a shade shirt is/was.

Jess said...

Oh I love you forever. For ever and ever. Seriously think you're the funniest wholesome bitch I have ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with!!!

Jess said...

@andrew a shade shirt is one of those annoying skin tight t shirts that Mormon girls wear under their "immodest" clothing so they can think they look trendy.

KarKar said...

I loved the saying the Pres Uchtdorf threw out there for all the devoted following members. Quite honestly, it hit home to Chris and I because we have been ridiculed, mocked and honestly verbally abused for "our sins".. I love what he said, ALL that he said. I just don't understand how the devoted followers of the mormon religion, do not believe it pertains to them!! Isn't that what conference does... guides its members the way God inspires the prophets to speak??? How do they not see that it is to THEM? Cause I know I have been treated like shit, for quite some time now, and that saying seriously hit me hard, and it gave me peace. I drink. I don't go to church, I swear. I watch rated R movies. I love it. It will not stop anytime soon... but is my responsible drinking or other "sins" different than devoted LDS member talking shit, or disregarding their children, or wearing their garments tighter than needed, so they can pull off a cute outfit??? How? How does that make a member of the church ANY better than me. I do not go to church. Will prolly NOT go to church because of the attitudes and words spoken to me from such devoted members. I do not believe going to church, a church doesn't automatically make you choose the right, or do what Jesus would do. Isn't that just something we learn from our parents???

Such a hard subject for me... and I do not understand what I can do to soften the blows for devoted members when I know damn well, they will NEVER soften their blows, because I sin differently than them!!!!

Thank You for your post. I am both pissy and grateful for you acknowledgement to be embarrassed that the members of the LDS church had to be reminded, what was and always HAS been taught since Jesus roamed the earth, to love and give service to their fellow men. Cookies don't cover up name calling, or serious gossip and false preachings. It just doesn't... but I guarantee a sorry and 6 pack would!! Ohhh I kid!!!

Kristy said...

Seriously, that was amazing! I'm afraid at one point or another I've been a religious asshole. I'm not proud, I blame it on the Utah Mormon culture I grew up in. Glad I haven't been one for years now, a religious ahole that is. Most days I'm still proud to be a mormon.
My favorite pinterest quote "your religion doesn't make you a good person, the way you live does." Or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Kristy, I dont believe it we can blame it on the "Utah Mormon Culture". I grew up in the Washington Mormon Culture and it is the same. Thank goodness we can continue to work on being a good person by the way we live. (That is a good quote!)


jen said...

This talk didn't make me crazy, and the reaction to it didn't either... except that I kind of suspected how members would react:
The ones who need it the most will hear it, and then send it to all of their loved ones to tell THEM how they shouldn't judge... The ones who don't need it (because they actually understand how to love and forgive) will try harder to live it...

The thing about talks like this is:
Selfish assholes hear it, and think, "Yes. Everyone else should be more loving, accepting, and forgiving of me. Why doesn't (doormat) be more loving and just do what I want?"
Self-sacrificing doormats hear it, and they think, "Yes. I need to be more loving and accepting. Next time (asshole) says something awful, I will tell him that I love him and just do what he wants."

It's like the perfect recipe for a disastrous relationship.

Anonymous said...

My friend made a "Mormon Graphic" that even you would like. It states the simple:

President Uchtdorf "Just Stop It"
President Kimball "Just Do It"
J. Golden Kimball "Damn It"

All can be very appropriate

Carrie said...

Anonymous, I saw thus said graphic and I loved it. I love all things J. Golden Kimball. We are kindred spirits.