Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jesus is My Homeboy...

...Satan is an asshole.

It's totally true.  And to prove my point I found this sweet collection of art that you can find here:  click here.  Here are some of my favorites:

Jesus riding a T-rex to Jerusalem:

Jesus drowning people in yucky coffee:

Jesus lighting a feaky snaggle tooth goat thingy on fire (doesn't sound very Christ like but who am I to judge):

Hells yeah Jesus rides a Bronto with his pal Mr. Unicorn while Mr. Gotee Sun lights the way to evil incarnate...Starbucks.  Because people who love triple X Live Girls need their caffeine.  So much evil it's awesome:

I feel like this on a daily basis:

Jesus mocking green squid face mutant dude:

Yurrrrr Maite!:

Yep, Jesus rides a motorcycle with a varmint strapped to his back: 

I've tried this...never works out so well:



KarKar said...

Totally "Bad A" pictures.. explaining this stuff with words just wouldn't give justice.. cause when I tried to explain Jesus on dinosaur and me on unicorn going to bust some dirty birds for having starbucks, it just didn't make sense, Juno?

Tachyon Feathertail said...

That squid-faced mutant would be Cthulhu, I believe!

I think he'd get along better with the Old Testament God, or the Jesus from Left Behind, than the actual Jesus Jesus. They have a lot in common -- they're both Eldritch Abominations who kill their own worshipers, and they're both prophesied to come back and bring forth a day of blood and madness where the fools who don't serve them will perish. ^.^

Ia Cthulhu f'taghn!