Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

As has grown customary, I was a good 10 minutes late to church today.  I intentionally show up late because it's a lot less awkward to scurry in and grab the fist open seat I can find, than it is to sit alone on a bench watching all of the families file in around me.  I feel "less dumb" that way.   But today as I pulled into a parking space I was greeted by a row of mini vans all sporting various versions of this:
It was one of those "seriously?" moments followed by a laugh that only a heart of sarcasm can spawn. 

It's honestly just one more thing that separates me from the masses.  I admit, they are less irritating than the "RULDS2" stickers that made the rounds a few years ago, but the long line of blissfully happy stick figures still makes me want to rear end any car sporting them.  It's true, I'm jealous.  Because if I had to display my life on the back of my car window there'd be one really big-boobed stick figure stuck somewhat awkwardly in the corner and three little fish stick figures floating near by.  Or, just to be ornery I'd do this:
Because honestly, that's the family I want anyway.


Anonymous said... least you have big boobs!

lizzo said...

Those are worse than the RULDS2 stickers. waaaaaaay worse. I've seen them take up the entire back windshield and there are dogs and cats and everything.

Carrie said...

oh! I discovered they even have 'dead pet' stickers you can put on there...all of the animals have wings and halos.

Amy said...

I have lots of issues with those stickers. My biggest problem with them is when people put their childrens names under them. Hello Mr. Pedophile let me make it a little easier for you to get to my children by telling you their names.

I want to put one on my car of me and a bunch of cats so I can be the crazy cat lady.

Armelle said...

Of course adding the pets helps making the line longer...

I love you "Ass" family, did you realize the girls have the positive names and the boys haven't or was it just your subconciousness talking? ;)

-Andy said...

Perhaps the big boobed sticker would be good advertising. :)