Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Cats and a Wind Chime

I am female.  I am 30-something.  I am single.  I am LDS.  Which means I'm only two cats and a wind chime away from being a full fledged spinster.   Now, if I lived "in the world" and was "of it", being a 30-something single female wouldn't be a big deal.  But add in the LDS and you've entered Sucktown where pitty runs deep and the neighbors wonder what the hell is wrong with you.  Picky?  Crazy?  Not living right?  Lesbian?....maybe, maybe, maybe, no.

As one trying to embrace her "special trial" of social leprosy, I figured I would document it and fill the rest of the world in on what it's like to be me.  Here are the basics:
  • I'm probably going to be negative
  • I'm probably going to offend
  • I'm probably going to be sacrilegious every now and then
  • I'm probably going to swear
But the truth is messy...kind of like the chapel after testimony meeting*...

So gird up your loins* and get ready to join me as I guide you through the place no active LDSer ever wants to be:  single.


Amy said...

Negative, Offensive and Swearing? I think I've found my new favorite blog!

Moineau16 said...

Ahhh, here is the girl I know and love. Whatever you need to get it out of your system, sweetey. Can I just say I love the banner of your new blog? Seriously, it's hysterical.

Jenny P said...

Thank God I am allergic to cats. I think I have a windchime I need to get rid of though.

Jena said...

I think I goobered up my first attempt at leaving a similar comment a few days ago. If not, I apologize for the repeat. If so, then I'd like to invite you to join a Facebook "support" group of similarly amazing, hilarious, and underappreciated 30-something single Mormon ladies. Negativity, swearing, and sacrilege are most welcome! If you're interested, please drop me a line at likeuntoeveatgmaildotcom. We hope you'll join our madness!